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Why Use a Label Printer?

April 17th, 2014


AMS introduced the first desktop, short-run digital colour label printer and colour label printing has become an integral part of company’s in-house packaging production process. Today thousands of manufacturers, processors and retailers around the world are increasing their sales revenues and profits by making their own colour labels in factories and offices. Here are the ten Benefits to printing your own labels.

Private Labeling

With the Speedstar you are able to command a competitive edge in the marketplace with private labeled products that are quickly customised in affordable, short run label quantities.

Make Labels Instantly

Having the ability to print exactly the labels you want, anytime you need them, is more than just a way to market your products with customised packaging. It’s also a tool to increase productivity by making labels on-demand, when a work order is ready to be fulfilled.

Contract Labelling

The flexibility of the Speedstar colour label printer allows owners to act as contract packagers, making labels in any size, shape, or design, satisfying the branding requirements and technical requirements of customers. Printing labels as a service allows you to increase revenue and profit while also absorbing excess production capacity.

Cut Costs and Reduce Inventory

When labels are printed on demand with a Speedstar printer, there is no need to hold valuable printed labels. Instead, labels are printed in the exact quantity needed and are always up-to-date.

Be Ready to Ship Labelled Products

Owning an in-house label printer takes the unpredictability out of label availability. As long as you maintain a stock of printing supplies, they are always ready to print the labels they need.

Gain Production Flexibility, Label Any Product, Any Time

TheSpeedstar prints high-resolution colour labels with any label content on-the-fly, including serializing barcodes and batch codes, nutrition facts, ingredients, and other information dynamically from any production database.

Automate Label Printing, Centrally Control Label Printing

It is efficient to centrally manage data in a central database. Data such as expiration dates and batch codes can be maintained in a single database. When label changes are needed, the central database can be modified once and labels will be updated automatically and then printed in each plant location.

Maintain In-House Quality Control

Creating colour labels on-demand with an in-house l printer allows your company to ensure that it maintains strict control over labels so that your production operation is always able to label the right product, for the right customer, at the right time. Quality Control managers are relieved of many of the stringent regulatory burdens that apply to labels.

Make Colour Coded Labels

The Speedstar colour label printers are able to print labels with colour codes in the same printing process as they print text, barcodes, batch codes, lot codes, date codes, expiration dates, and any other label content.

Make Export Labels/Import Labels

To take advantage of the great opportunity of a global market, domestically-made products must be re-labelled to comply with the labelling regulations of the import country. A label printer provides the flexibility to change labels as needed for export markets, and to immediately print new labels at no added cost whenever products change or labelling laws in local markets change.

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