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Why Use a Mail Inserter?

April 17th, 2014


Stuffing envelopes can be a long and tedious task – Why do it when a mail inserter system can do it for you. It removes the time consuming chore by collating, folding, inserting and sealing your mail in one single process. Whether you send out direct mail campaigns, invoices, statements, letters, brochures or other documents, there are so many benefits to using these systems. The ten benefits to using mail inserter systems are as follows:

Save Money With A Mail Inserter System

The average person can fill 100 envelopes per hour by hand; this is a costly process if you send out thousands of letters and invoices per month. As well as taking employees away from the role that they are actually paid to do, the task can often be long and tedious. Mail inserter systems save money by letting employees get on with something far more productive.

Save Time

The time consuming process is not only costly but the quality of insertion decreases as the number of items to be folded and inserted increases. With an AMS mail inserter system, users simply load their documents and envelopes then press a button to go. Even our smallest system can process up to 1,350 envelopes per hour, leaving users free to complete more valuable tasks.

Take Advantage Of The Lowest Royal Mail Rates

If you fold your A4 size documents into DL or C5 envelopes you can save on your postal costs by qualifying for the less expensive ‘Letter Tariff’, saving you huge amounts on each item mailed.

Make Money with Every Mailing

Not only will mail inserters save you time and money, they can also make more money for you. By inserting additional promotional marketing material into your regular mail, you could easily boost sales and transform the value of your business communications. Mailing campaigns are also easier to complete and you may not require extra staff as your folder inserter can process mail in a matter of moments.

Secure Processing

To securely process personalised mail runs and those with a varying amount of documents per set, some of our systems include several automatic features to ensure that every recipient receives the correct and perfect mail piece. The camera option ensures that recipients only receive their mail pieces, and document coding such as Barcode, or Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), guarantees that each envelope is filled with the correct amount of contents.

Simple To Operate

The AMS mail insert systems are so easy to use that even inexperienced operators, with minimal training can complete mailing runs. Once documents are loaded up, just press a button to go. Some systems even include a colour touch screen to guide you through the set up.

Efficient Document Management

Maximise the benefit of your system by using our FlexStream software which lets you add scancodes (OMR, 1D or 2D barcodes) to your PDF files and even add content or change the layout of existing PDF documents.

Send Professional Looking Business Mail

Achieve crisp, precise folds, accurately collated inserts and correctly positioned addresses in window envelopes.

Ensure Mail Integrity

Double document, missing sheet, paper jam and missing envelope detection all guarantee accurate mailing.

Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

AMS have a reliable and efficient nationwide after-care support service to ensure you mailing process remains effortless and the longevity of your mailing system is maximized.

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