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Why use an Envelope Addressing Printer?

April 17th, 2014


There are so many reasons why an AMS envelope addressing printer can help you with your mailing requirements. As well as saving you money by dramatically reducing the time it takes to print addresses on to envelopes and eliminating the use of labels, the printer range can produce professional and attractive envelopes that achieve the best possible impact and improve the likelihood of being opened. Here are the ten reasons to use an Envelope Addressing Printer.

Save Time and Money

By dramatically reducing the time it takes to print addresses on to envelopes, mail is processed quickly to reach your customers sooner. An address printer eliminates the need to manually stick labels onto envelopes, often an expensive and time consuming chore. It also cuts out the need for buying and stocking mailing labels, saving you even more.

Improve Productivity With Superior Technology

AMS envelope addressing printers are remarkably quicker than standard printers, so the price/performance ratio is always superior. What makes the systems unique is that they use fixed head ink cartridges, this means the printer moves the mail, not the printer head, enabling them to print at constant rapid speed whatever the media. Our quickest printers can process up to 30,000 envelopes per hour. The smooth movement of the printers also ensures jam rates are low, making print runs trouble free.

Promote your Business and Generate Extra Revenue

A professional and accurately addressed envelope is far more likely to be opened than one that looks dull and is badly addressed or sent in duplicate. The envelope addressing printers can turn a blank envelope into a powerful business tool. You can print logos, PPI’s and marketing messages onto the mailing envelope so you can maximise your business potential and generate extra revenue by promoting your business and targeting your customers and prospects effectively. You can change the message as often as you like and you can do it all in-house, quickly, economically and efficiently.

Take Advantage of the Lowest Royal Mail Rates

Using our envelope addressing printers with Flexmail software will ensure every envelope is machine readable and the address is positioned according to Royal Mail specifications. This is crucial when you are accessing Royal Mail Postal Discount programmes, saving you high postage costs.

Print Directly onto Pre-packed envelopes

AMS Envelope Addressing printers use fast drying inks, allowing them to address many types of gloss coat mail pieces without the need for a dryer. As well as this they are able to process bulky mail pieces, some up to 10mm in thickness. This means that pre-packed envelopes can easily be printed and posted. You can even print directly onto thick documents such as magazines and newsletters.

Remove Duplicate and Inaccurate Addresses

Envelope Address Printers work with Flexmail software which enables you to remove duplicate and inaccurate addresses from data. This saves you money as the amount of return envelopes you receive is reduced and duplicates are eliminated. This in turn improves your overall response rate. The software also lets you add scancodes (OMR, 1D or 2D barcodes) which can be easily printed.

Easy to Install and Set-Up

An address printer is easy to install without major IT involvement. Just load the printer drivers for WindowsTM drivers onto your computer and within a few minutes you’re up and running.

Added Security

There is no need to hand your database over to a third party. All mailings can be handled internally with an address printer allowing you to manage your customer and prospect database internally bringing added security.

Automate Your Mailing Run

Some envelope printers can be used in-line with mail inserter systems or off-line with an automatic feeder to improve the efficiency and presentation of your mailing process. A built in vacuum assisted based ensures accurate print registration to completely automate your mailing run.

Leading Industry Products

If you need to print addresses, postage paid impressions, barcodes and message lines or you need to process production volumes of mail quickly, the AMS robust range of quality envelope printers have lead the industry for nearly two decades, providing outstanding performance for your money.

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