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Please see the job specification below:

System Sales Area Manager for the North of England and Scotland

This role will require the following skills / ability’s:-
1. Understand a customer’s application and provide inventive solutions.
2. Able to illustrate and propose concepts / ideas.
3. To set-up, calibrate and demonstrate bespoke inkjet systems.
4. The ability to conduct a temporary inkjet system installation on to a customer’s base, AMS base, poly wrapping machine, print web etc.
5. A range of issues can accrue on a temporary installation, the candidate will need to be able to fault find and correct this.
6. To understand the unique selling features of a system, with the ability to articulate to a less technical person.
7. This role will need a person capable of providing sufficient instruction for an engineer to build and install the finished system. This will involve making precise measurements, circuitry, drawings and photographs.
8. Follow the above, on other products, if or when they become available to you, i.e. Production Inserting machines, poly wrapping systems.

Please email for an application form, when completing the application please include all technical qualifications gained from college etc.  Also state any technical applications that you have previously had any experience with where you have had to spec the equipment etc.