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Our Range of Folder Inserter Machines

Stuffing envelopes can be a long and tedious task. The AMS Mail Folder Inserter range of machines removes this time consuming chore by collating, folding, inserting and sealing your mail in one single process. Whether you send out direct mail campaigns, invoices, statements, letters, brochures or other documents, we have the solutuion ranging from entry level folder inserter machines to our large production range.

A Mail Folder Inserter can also be known as an envelope folding machine, folding machine, folder inserter,’ ‘letter folding machine’, ‘envelope stuffer’ or even a ‘letter stuffer’. Whatever you decide to call it, there will be one machine in the AMS range most suited to your requirements.The’ll be no more folding and envelope stuffing by hand with a machine.

AMS 7100 Mail Inserter Mid Volume

AMS 7001

AMS Challenger Economy Mid Volume


AMS Challenger Classic Mid Volume