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Product Information:

  • AMS Challenger Economy Mail Folder Inserter System
  • Output speeds up to 6,000 envelopes per hour
  • From 3 to 13 feeder stations
  • Double document, missing sheet, paper jam and missing envelope detection all electronically managed
  • A choice of feeders, vacuum rotary, top feed friction feeders, bottom feed friction feeders with shuttle
  • Camera options available for matching, selecting or accumulating from reading simple barcodes to OCR & datamatrix barcodes
  • Ultrasonic double document detectors for extra security
  • High-speed collator option for billing work in DL, C5 or C4 formats
  • Face up inserting - great for online ink-jet addressing
  • Colour touch screen that includes the operator and spare parts manual on-line

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Product Specification

The AMS Challenger Economy envelope folder inserter machine is essential for high volume mailings as it can collate, fold, insert and seal mail in one single process. It can fulfil up to 6,000 envelopes per hour.

To securely process personalised mail runs or if you have a varying amount of documents per set, several automatic features can be included to ensure that every recipient receives the correct and perfect mail piece. The camera or scanner options ensure that recipients only receive their mail pieces, and document coding such as Barcode, or Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), guarantees that each envelope is filled with the correct amount of contents.

With a choice of between 3 to 13 insert feeders including a vacuum rotary folder, vacuum rotary feeder, rotary vacuum suction, friction or shuttle feeders‚ all available within one machine makes the Challenger Economy Folder Inserter a truly flexible system that can be modified to your exact requirements.