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Product Information:

  • Ideal for protecting products and increasing productivity
  • Up to 1000 packs per hour can be bagged
  • All bags are watertight
  • Adjustable bag lengths from 50mm to 600mm
  • Can hold up to 5kg per bag
  • Strong and built to last
  • Clear or pre-printed poly films can be used
  • Just plug in and use
  • 10 programmable settings
  • Shrink film can also be used so bags can be put through a heat tunnel for extra security.

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Product Specification


AMS supply the X-Bag, a superb Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) packaging machine. From nuts and seeds to bolts and hardware, our VFFS machine will increase your productivity and improve the shelf life and presentation of your products.

The X-Bag bagging machine works by creating packaging with three air-tight seals starting from a reel of cost-effective flat poly film. The sealing slide forms a perfect bag every time, with no risk of breaking it. Users simply drop products up to 5kg in weight to wrap in the tube, press a button and the wrapped products are sealed and ejected.

The flexible machine is ideal for bagging products in a wide number of settings including bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, healthcare facilities and hospitals, hardware stores, logistics hubs and spare parts warehouses.

Easy to use for operators both in terms of preparing the machine and using it, the length of the bag to be sealed can be adjusted from 50mm up to 600mm with an additional belt for long products. An additional benefit is that shrink film can also be used so bags can be put through a heat tunnel for extra security.

What is Vertical Form Fill Seal (Vertical Bagging)?
Vertical form fill seal is a method of packing where the bag is created during the filling process. In simple terms, it involves feeding the product into a bag vertically as opposed to horizontally.

What is it best for?
VFFS is a flexible, quick way of getting a loose, dry product into air-tight, portion-controlled packs. These are known as free flowing products. Depending on the material of bag and laminate used VFFS can preserve your food or product. Commonly anything loose, granular and relatively dry are wrapped using an X-Bag. Things like powders, rubs, spices, sweets, seeds, sand beads, blends or ingredients.VFFS can also be used for non-food products.

What size and shape of bag can be produced using the X-Bag?
Square or rectangular bags can be made on the X-Bag VFFS machine.

Width available:
• 130mm
• 180mm
• 230mm

Length available:
• From 50mm to 600mm (with belt for long products)

Film thickness:
• From 15micron to 50micron

What materials can the bag be made of?
There are lots of different materials that can be used to make the bag. Normally a Polyethylene (PE) film is used, a common type of plastic. This a strong, robust material that has good sealing properties and will keep many products fresh for a reasonable length of time. Also Polyolefin, Macro-punched, Micro-punched, Cartene Plastic and Biodegradable.

How does the X-Bag work?
1. The machine is prepared by loading the appropriate film roll
2. The film winds through a series of rollers and is shaped into a tube
3. The tube is closed at the bottom by clamps creating the bottom of the bag
4. The raw material is dropped into the half formed bag
5. The bag is sealed at the top
6. This seal forms the bottom of the next bag
7. The bottom seal is cut in the middle separating the bag from the next one

The process happens quickly – approximately 16 bags can be produced per minute, working with a 65mm x 65mm bag and granular product.