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Social Responsibility

Corporate, social and ethical responsibility has a growing importance to AMS because of its long-term benefits. We aim to achieve a sustainable business, providing solutions that have a positive impact upon our staff, our supply chain and the wider community in which we work whilst creating trust and respect from our customers. We continue to improve our business processes in these three key areas:

Customer Satisfaction

Our success is largely as a result of our long-term partnerships in the direct mailing market sector. We understand that building strong and trusting relationships with our clients to meet their mailing needs is the only way to achieve the high standards we set ourselves. We regularly use customer and staff feedback to continue to revise and improve our quality standards and draw upon our experience on a diverse range of mailing solutions.

By continually improving the quality of our processes, we are able to provide high quality mailing products and a credible level of customer service. We see continuous improvement as a key way to maintain our high level of client satisfaction.

Employee Communication

As well as providing high quality products, the quality of our service and staff is equally important to AMS to ensure customer satisfaction. We continuously modernise office equipment so communications can be as effective and efficient as possible. We also ensure staff have a high level of training. Regular appraisals help determine individual training needs, providing staff with the skills and tools necessary to perform to the best of their abilities.

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts through the products we supply and through our actions. We actively seek to offer the most sustainable and economical mailing solutions, from large production machines to the ink we supply. Ways in which our latest products reduce environmental impacts include automatic sleep mode and automatic off button.

Staff engagement through poster campaigns, training and newsletters also help to reinforce the simple things that we can do to reduce energy and water use such as switching off lights, and increase recycling.